ROKY has been helping investors develop secure, long-term passive income returns since 1993.

I'd like to introduce you to an exciting region where we've been focusing a lot of our attention. It's called the "Eagle Ford Shale" and it is primarily located in Texas (although some of it extends into Mexico).

Please fill out the form on this page, and Michael Parsons will send you an email with more information about this. The upcoming rise in oil prices can result in a massive profit for you, and Michael will explain the details of the program.
Weekly Investor Relations Calls
ROKY-OSI holds weekly conference calls that are designed to give interested parties a chance to:

(a) learn about the project(s) ROKY-OSI is engaged in;
(b) to meet the principals who will be charged with making things happen, and;
(c) to ask questions that will help you make better investment decisions.

If you are interested in listening to and/or participating in a call, we are actively running calls for our project in Dimmit County, Texas. However, please note that all calls are set based on our knowledge of overall caller interest. If you want to make sure that a call is scheduled, simply send us an email stating your interest and we’ll confirm (or not) if the call on the date you are interested will be live. Failure to notify us may result in your trying to join a call that has not been scheduled.

The call details are as follows:

Live Call:

Wednesdays at 9am Pacific Time

Call: 1-641-715-3580 

Access Code: 487970#

Recorded Call*:

Call: 1-641-715-3589 at any time

Access Code: 487970#

Use Reference #1 to listen to a previously recorded call.

*Note: Recorded calls require a Ref# that is specific for a given date. If you don’t know the Ref#, call us and we’ll be pleased to give it to you.

On-Site Meetings:

Private, on-site meetings may be arranged for serious clients who have committed to at least 5 IU’s but would like to see the site prior to closing the deal. Clients will need to arrange their own transportation to and from the location and cover all expenses related to their travel. Due to the active construction and day-to-day activities, Fortress’ management cannot accommodate drop-ins. Advance notification with specific time/date reservations are required.
Round 1 - Just Completed!
Round 2 - Now Open!
Current Investment Opportunities: 

ROKY-OSI does extensive due diligence on every project we back. For the Eagle Ford Shale projects, we not only have done the due diligence, we’ve put up our own “blood, sweat & tears” to get these projects off the ground. Our track record speaks for itself, we’ve given consistent, above average returns and, proof of that is we have investors who have been investing in our projects now for decades.
We are so excited to present this opportunity to you online, because in the past we were not able to market these opportunities on the Internet, but with the latest crowdfunding laws it has opened the doors for Investors like YOU to join us!
This page is not intended to be an offer to sell a security nor meant to be considered financial and/or investment advice. The purpose of this page is for general information purposes only. The information contained on this page and in the video (including all potential returns) is not complete and must be read in conjunction with the ROKYOSI Offering Memorandum for the Dimmit County project.